MN3D network 2021 (flyer)

MN3D is a network of more than 16 partners with a maritime background and additive manufacturing related products, services or visions. AM has developed into a technology on the rise and constantly gains momentum within the maritime industry, while the full potential is not yet exploited.

MN3D aims to refine AM methods, products and services for the maritime sector and to market them. Challenges are p.e. the size of components or their exposure to vibrations and seawater. Solutions have to meet economic and ecologic requirements. Besides networking and enhancing knowledge the main objective of MN3D is the starting of joint innovative projects. The network enables a suitable funding and dispenses risks between the partners. Projects cover areas such as surface properties, materials, integration of sensors, component sizes and tool life.

Each partner supports the network with its unique expertise. Members range from science & research institutes to suppliers, providers of AM software or hardware manufacturers. An overview of the equal partners may be found online at

Companies interested in joining MN3D are welcome to contact the network.


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